[MI Retail Energy] provide price comparison and market analysis software for retail energy markets in Australia.

[MI] software is used to provide retail market consultancy services and our web-deployed offer database and analytical software is available by subscription to select customers.

[MI] provides the price comparison and bill matching software used by in the concierge service. won the 2018 Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) Big Data Innovation New South Wales State Award and the AIIA 2018 National Merit Award for Big Data Innovation.

[MI]’s database is updated twice a day and contains all electricity and gas offers that retailers make to residential and small business customers through the official price comparison websites. [MI]’s network tariff database is updated whenever these regulated rates change.

[[MI] Statistics]

This pivot table displays the number of offers disaggregated by retailer, region, distributor, offer type and customer type. Fields can be taken into and out of the pivot table to narrow or widen the data viewed.

The offer data in this pivot table is updated daily

[ The [MI] Retail Energy suite]

[MI] [Offer] and [MI] [Insight] are licensed products.

  • [MI] [Offer] is a searchable web-deployed database that contains all tariff rates, discounts, solar feed-in rates, GreenPower rates, exit fees and incentives in all publicly available retail offers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia from June 2016 onwards (April 2016 onwards in Victoria).
  • [MI][Insight] is a searchable web-deployed tool that uses the data in [MI][Offer] to calculate prices and charges for all offers and it allows users to break down the retail bill into network, metering, wholesale, environmental and retailer charges and to analyse and compare prices and margins.
  • MI[Tariff]: is a web-deployed tool that bolts onto MI[Insight] to allow users to model new retail or network tariffs and compare them to others in the market.

[ [MI] Insight Demonstration ]

[ [MI] Offer Demonstration ]

[ [MI] Retail Energy Residential Retail Index ]

The [MI] Retail Energy database offers many possibilities for the creation of indices. The [MI] Retail Energy Major Retailer Residential Electricity Price Series tracks what we estimate to be the bill and prices paid by a representative residential customer of the Big Three retailers (Origin Energy, Energy Australia and AGL Energy) in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

[ About ]

[MI] Retail Energy commenced operations in January 2016. Its products are the fruits of intensive collaboration between an energy economist and a data scientist.

Bruce Mountain Bio image

Meet Bruce Mountain

Bruce is a widely known Melbourne-based energy economist with 26 years’ experience in this field.

He has advised market participations, regulators, governments, associations and non-governmental organisations in Australia and internationally. He has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cape Town, a Phd in Economics from the University of Victoria in Australia, and is qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant in England.

Amine Gassem Bio image

Meet Amine Gassem

Amine Gassem is based in Paris and works as an independent data miner and software developer for global clients.

His career has focused on the design and development of trading and management tools for major investment banks in France. He is an internationally-recognised data scientist.

Amine has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Signal Processing from the prestigious Ecole des Mines de Paris and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Tunisia Polytechnic School.


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